Holds More Items, More Securely, Than Any Other Shower Caddy

Monster Caddy ®   Shower Caddy

Monster Shower Caddy

Monster Caddy® is supported FIRMLY from the TOP LEDGE of your shower wall, which provides AMAZING STRENGTH and STABILITY!

Because of its strength and size, Monster Caddy® has an an UNBELIEVABLE storage capacity with the ability to hold over 50 lbs of shower supplies of ALL shapes and sizes.

→  ELIMINATES SPILLS (won’t slip or tilt)

→  EASES CLEANING (quickly disengages off wall)

  ENDS CLUTTER (holds 50+ lbs of supplies)


Key Features of Monster Caddy ®

6) Back wire prevents contents from falling out the back when moving or cleaning the caddy

7) Holds various tubes upright, to prevent "horizontal-shelf-hogging"

8) Bottom tier holds multiple razors, while shelf holds tooth brushes upright

9) Hangers double as feet to allow the caddy to stand upright when moving or cleaning

1) Patented mounting bar for stable and secure


2) Shelves can hold large sized bottles of all shapes and sizes

3) Keyhole design for simple attachment and detachment

4) Coming Soon: Stainless steel for extreme rust-proof longevity

5) Dividers prevent bottles from knocking one another over











How To Install Monster Caddy ®

Monster Caddy is simple to install using a handheld screw driver or preferably an electric screw driver.  Monster Caddy's mounting bar acts as a guide and the included guide buttons allow for drilling into a stud with the Monster Caddy in place.  No need to look for more than one stud, Monster Caddy is made 16" apart to be the exact space between two studs.


Step 1: Locate and mark stud above shower ledge

Step 2: Place a guide button in either of the mounting bar slots

Step 3: Place Monster Caddy mounting bar in the desired mounting position above stud

Step 4: Drill screw through the guide button that is on the mounting bar into the stud 

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 for the other side of the mounting bar

Holds Everything
Holds Everything

The holds everything benefits of Monster Caddy.

Widespread Mounting
Widespread Mounting

The widespread mounting benefits of Monster Caddy.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

The ease of installation benefits of Monster Caddy.

Holds Everything
Holds Everything

The holds everything benefits of Monster Caddy.


Key Benefits of Monster Caddy ®