The Problems with Most Shower Caddies

Shower caddies are a great space-saving solution. They’re extremely useful, if you’re looking to de-clutter your shower and still keep all of your shampoos, conditioners, facial scrubs and body lotions close to you.

However, most caddies, though practical and easy to install, come with certain flaws and problems. The most common issue most of experience is not being able to make our shower caddies stay in their place. This is because the wire caddies - the ones that go over the shower head - generally have a single mounting point, the shower neck. This results in decreased stability and might cause them to swing back and forth, spilling its contents on the ground. The lack of stability with the most shower caddies is what makes them undersized, impractical and also contributes to a higher level of hazard in your bathroom.

What’s more, most shower caddies also rely on a suspended triangular weight distribution. Apart from greatly restricting the space available, this also makes them more dangerous. In general, the larger the caddy is, the more unstable it becomes - hence, more dangerous, and we’re not talking only about your shampoos and body lotions spilling on the floor but onto your feet. The alternative up until now has been suction cup type shower caddies, which are also known for their instability and restricted size. Regardless of how thoroughly you clean the wall beforehand these shower caddies simply won’t stay on the wall. Using glue could be a solution but can ruin your bathroom tiles when you to take the shower caddy off for cleaning. The worst solution of all - drilling the shower wall! Drilling tile, marble or granite will crack it 100% of the time. But even if it's fiberglass or a solid surface like Corian or cultured marble ... who wants to drill into a shower? You better not drill into my shower! Even if you overlook the fact that you are breaching the water barrier, shower walls are expensive!

So then, if neither traditional wire caddies, nor suction cup shower caddies do the job, what will? Well, the answer is the Monster Caddy. Unlike the single mounting point of the traditional wire caddies, Monster Caddy relies on a far more superior rectangular mounting system which uses a steel bar that rests on the top of the shower or bath wall. This means that the mounting point spans across the entire width of the caddy making it impossible to tilt.

Thanks to the advanced mounting design and stability behind Monster Caddy it can be made much, much larger, which in turn provides greater space for all of your bath lotions, soaps, conditioners, shampoos, scrubs, razors, etc.. In fact, the heavier the contents of the Monster Caddy, the greater the friction between the mounting bar and the shower wall ledge which creates even greater stability. In addition, the Monster Caddy is made out of steel, covered in polyethylene, which makes it more durable, easier to clean, and extremely rust resistant. A stainless steel model is coming next.

Thanks to its revolutionary design, Monster Caddy is an innovative product which addresses all the problems, associated with traditional shower caddies. Its design provides superior stability and strength, while also ensuring you will have enough space for all of your shower accessories.

With Monster Caddy all your bath and shower products are safe - and so are you!

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