Tired of the clutter in your shower or bath? Check out Monster Caddy!

Dirty and small normal caddy

How many bottles of shampoo and conditioner, facial and body scrubs, exfoliating products, hair masques, lotions and razors do you have crammed in your caddy? If you’re like most people, then the answer is probably: more than enough.

Crowded showers are a problem a great deal of us struggle with. Of course, one solution is to de-clutter your caddy, keeping only the necessities. This could, however, prove a problem and not only if you’re sharing your bathroom with your partner, flatmate or children. Installing two or more caddies is another reasonable solution, but only if your shower has enough space for the caddies and you - and most don’t, which again leads to crowded showers and unpleasant baths.

Hordering your toiletries is often not something that can be easily prevented. Most women tend to have at least 6-7 products in their showers, each with a different purpose. You can’t run to the bathroom cabinet every time you need to apply conditioner or use your hair masque, right? And even if you limit your bathroom products to one per category, you’re still stuck with at least one must-have facial wash, exfoliating scrub, shampoo and conditioner, and a divine-smelling body lotion. Oh, and don’t forget your razor, shaving crème and loofa!

Luckily, there is now another solution, so you won’t have to cram your caddy or say goodbye to your favorite bathroom items. Monster Caddy is specifically designed to address the need for more and more bathroom products and accommodate the growing number of shampoo and conditioner bottles, and other skin care items. What makes Monster Caddy an excellent solution is that it’s based on a revolutionary, patented mounting system. You can easily install it in your shower space, without having to go over the shower neck or the glass door. What’s more, the unique design of the Monster Caddy also eliminates the problems, associated with suction cups, such as tilting, swinging or slipping.

Once placed in your shower, Monster Caddy will rest firmly on the top ledge of the shower wall, providing amazing stability and strength. Thanks to these Monster Caddy is the single, most useful shower caddy on the market today. With its abundant number of shelves, you can easily store all of your favorite bathroom accessories and products, and even more things you hadn't considered before. The easy remove and replaced keyhole design also makes taking the Monster Caddy off your wall for cleaning easier than ever. Forget about the clutter in your bathroom and re-organize your shower space with Monster Caddy!

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