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Neal Hinson, a Southern California native, is a musician, inventor, and now the proud owner of Monster Caddy.  He is a father of four and a tinkerer.  Before retiring Neal spent two decades with the Intel Corporation and can now be found developing his own products.  "Where there is a problem there is always an opportunity." 


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Marc Gabris is an owner and VP of Sales for Monster Caddy.  He has a degree in Marketing from Sacramento State University.  He grew up influenced by his family’s business (Brainy Zoo Toys) and has a passion for product creation.  What could be better than to promote the world's best shower caddy? 


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Monster Caddy Celebrates its Debut at the ASD Convention in Vegas and Ups the Ante on the Well-Organized Shower

With its debut at the ASD Convention February 28, 2016 Monster Caddy redefines what it means to enjoy a well-organized shower.  Making something consumers do every day so much simpler it begs the question, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Sacramento, CA – January 15, 2016 - Great business minds say the best products have two things, simplicity and usefulness.  Enter, the Monster Caddy.  Launching February 28 at the ASD Convention, the patent-pending 4 tier stainless steel shower caddy is the redefinition of what’s used daily all over the world.  But why reinvent the wheel? Because the wheel was inept and run off into a ditch.  Now, with just a few ingenious adjustments, the “wheel”, formerly known as the ineffective shower caddy, makes a new approach.  This one sits atop the edge of the wall for support along the strongest part of the shower or bath. Designed to hold over 100 lbs of shampoo supplies of all sizes, makes one wonder, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?”


Bigger and more secure, the Monster Shower Caddy can be placed where convenience strikes. Its patent-pending support structure provides an almost unlimited capacity to hold shower products.  Regardless of weight, it locks in place with a specialized mounting bar and two screws.  If the caddy is accidentally struck from the side, one locking device allows movement while the other locks it in place.  To clean behind it just slide it up, to the side, and then off.  Simple Simon.


Marc Gabris, VP of Sales for Monster Caddy said of the convention launch, “We know there’s a demand for this product because it solves a problem most of us have.  Keeping all of our shower products organized and out of the way is one of those creature comforts we should all have. And since 70% of shower walls don’t reach the ceiling, we know this is a useful must-have item.”


Meant for the whole family, the Monster Caddy comes in 4 shelf and 3 shelf designs.  Each shelf is tall enough to fit full-sized bottles and has dividers to prevent the domino effect when one bottle tips over.  The product has multiple soap dishes as well.  Weighing in at 4.8lbs and measuring 34”h x 18”w x 6”d the Monster Caddy can hold just about anything you'd need in the shower!  Could your family use one?


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About Monster Caddy:

The Monster Caddy is a patent-pending 4 tier stainless steel shower caddy with a revolutionary mounting design. Additional designs and sizes are slated to roll out in the near future.



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